Diploma in Banking and Finance- Stage 1

Use QM in business management.

Apply QM in decision making.

Apply network analysis in project management.

Cope in emerging trends and issues in QM.

To  help the trainees to get aware towards varied management principles and practices. It details the different functions of management such as planning,organizing,staffing,directing and controlling.


To provide education in the use of Information and Communication Technology or ICT.

 To encourage higher-level thinking and creativity through ICT

To deliver students with a learning experience in instructional technology.

To promote computer-based educational resources.

Read branch banking notes  and summarize

This unit is intended to equip the trainees with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to understand and apply accounting skills as a tool for evaluating the financial information of bank customers.

By the end of course unit the learner should be able to;

a) relate with laws regulating banking operations.