Craft in Land Survey January 2019 Stage 2

At the end of this course unit, the trainee should be able to:

1. Organise a survey team to carry out a given task, understand the general organisation and layout of a surveying and mapping establishment. 

2. Appreciate the procedure for procuring and servicing of workshop equipment and furniture. 

3. Process documents used in ordering and supply of workshop materials. 

4. Prepare tender documents for a surveying and mapping project. 

5. Prepare effective work schedulnnnnnnnnngges and programmes.

6. Appreciate their roles in the various job markets 

General objectives

By the end of module unit, the trainee should be able to :

a) Use mathematical concepts and techniques in solving problems 

b)Organize, draw simple deductions and conclusion from the given data 

c) Interprate graphical representation of functions relevant to the respective trade data

Entails ; chain survey


Area and volume of earthworks

plane table surveying

linear measurement

theodolite traversing

tacheometric survey

setting out

It entails techniques concerning Art and science of map making

This course unit is intended to provide trainees with principles and techniques uses in collecting, processing and presenting data for surveying and mapping projects