Diploma in Land Survey January 2021

General objectives

By the end of module unit, the trainee should be able to :

a) Use mathematical concepts and techniques in solving problems 

b)Organize, draw simple deductions and conclusion from the given data 

c) Interprate graphical representation of functions relevant to the respective trade data

This course unit is designed to provide trainees with sufficient knowledge to enable them to understand the principles of construction and operation of surveying equipment

It is also intended to provide the skills to carry out tests and adjustments of various surveying instruments and to carry our measurements using the instruments

This course unit is intended to provide trainees with principles and techniques uses in collecting, processing and presenting data for surveying and mapping projects

Geography is designed to equip the trainees with relevant knowledge that will enable them to develop a sound geographical grounding for studies in surveying and mapping. The course is divided into two;

1. Physical Geography (stage 1): deals with land forming processes and related aspects of physical geography.

2. Human Geography (stage 2): deals with aspects of human socio-economic geography

Control survey is designed to provide trainees with sufficient knowledge and practical skills which they will require to apply in order to provide precise reference/ survey points for controlling the accuracy of subsidiary surveys in the field