Craft in Supply Chain-Stage 1

course outline

1.     Introduction to communication skills

 ü  Definition of terms

2.      Effective communication

 ü  Definition of terms

ü  Stages/steps of communication process

ü  Importance of feedback in communication

ü  Importance of effective   communication

3.      Barriers of effective communication

ü  Socioeconomic  factor

ü  Age

ü  Noise

ü  Language barrier

ü  Health

ü  Competition for attention

ü  Lack  of a logical sequence in communication 

4.      forms  of communication

ü  written communication

ü  verbal/oral communication

ü  nonverbal  communication

ü  audio communication

ü  visual communication

ü  audio visual communication

5.      Types of communication

ü  Formal communication

ü  Informal communication

ü  Internal communication

ü  External communication

ü  Interpersonal communication

ü   Intrapersonal communication

6.      Interviews

 ü  Definition of  terms

ü  Types of interviews

ü  Importance of interviews in an organization

 7.      Office etiquette, Diplomacy and protocol

ü  Definition of  terms

ü  Importance of etiquette, Diplomacy and protocol

8.      Meetings

ü  Definition of terms

ü  Types of meetings

ü  Importance of meetings in an organization

ü  Minutes

ü  Types  of minutes

ü   Minutes writing

9.      Writing skills

 ü  Punctuation marks

ü  Functional writing

ü  Language use

ü  Essay writing

10.    Summary writing

ü  Definition of terms

ü  Steps  in summary writing

ü  Importance of summary writing


          11. Report Writing

ü  Definition of  terms

ü  Types of reports

ü  Importance of  reports in an organization

   12. Customer care and public relations

ü  Definition of  terms

ü  Importance of customer care and public relations

ü  Challenges faced by customers

13. Emerging issues and trends in communication


course objective

a)appreciate the importance of keeping essential records

b) understand how to prepare and interpret financial statement

c) appreciate the need to prepare financial accounts for a business